I just found this review in e-Zine magazine. A/M/H/T/S/I/L/W/R/T was named June's BOOK OF THE MONTH in Pacific Review!

"...Opposed to ego flaunting books of success by guys like Donald Trump,
Gary Fong takes the humble route, full of self-mockery and modest remarks, as he casts his fate to the wind to free himself and let life lead his path. He is very unlike the Jack Welch type of millionaire that professes the full control of cognitive evaluation of risk approach, or the scores of books offering money making formulas investing in real estate.

Gary Fong calls his auto-biographical book "A Memoir" - I call it fantastic...

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Melissa Levine, Independent Book Reviewers says, “This is not your typical “how to get rich” book. This is the story of a man’s life; an illustration of the major events that influenced his thinking and behavior. Fong’s story includes not only his successes, but also his failures in business and his personal life that drove him to constantly reassess his approach. This is a book that will shake up your way of being in the world, maybe even crack open a door for a few accidents of your own to tumble through. I highly recommend it.”

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor Bookpleasures says, “Fong has succeeded in narrating a gripping success story that offers insight after business insight. It is more than a tale about a shrewd businessman, but rather a story about a visionary that will inspire readers to think creatively and individually, and not be prevented from taking action by limited resources.”