Review by Zedomax

Those of you who watch the book sales charts may notice that the sales pace for my book is still increasing. This, I've learned is an effect of positive word-of-mouth rather than initial publicity.
Writing a book is really random thoughts that wind up set in stone. Kind of like for those of you who are songwriters. You just kind of let free association flow and what will be, will be. That makes for the most refreshing kinds of work. But in creative published works, once these silly little things become cemented (and nothing cements your words more than having 10's of thousands of people around the world reading your words!) you start to believe that the stuff you wrote had a deeper meaning.
Reading book reviews always gives me a glimpse into the deeper meaning. Read this review by Zedomax:

I tend to read a lot of business books and on my last trip to my local Borders bookstore, I noticed a new book called “The Accidental Millionaire”. Of course, I always enjoy books that are written by the actual entrepreneur and skip those writing about someone else.
Anyways, this is one of the best books I have read on business and life. The renowned photographer/inventor/entrepreur Gary Fong, the author of the book, goes into details of his life and how he came to be a millionaire through “accidents” in his life.

I can really relate to him in that sense that most of things I’ve achieve in life are by “accident” also.

In the book, Gary goes into depth of how he grew up with his Korean mother and Chinese father in Southern California. (and also goes into depth about his mother’s wig business in the ghetto of Compton where they witness killings of their neighbors by thugs)

The part I enjoy the most is the fact that Gary shares his marketing wisdom along with biography of his real life. I really like how refers to “zen” on how the less he tried to do, the more he accomplished, perhaps a good thought for anyone who’s been struggling to succeed.

I started reading the book 2 days ago and couldn’t really put it down but I did finish it in just 2 days, it’s really that good.

Also, I have been learning a lot about photography lately and “accidentally” came upon this book at Borders.

I won’t spoil you though with much more information though other than this is a great book and very inspirational if you are thinking about starting a new business (especially in photography).

The Paperback Edition is available for about $10 through:
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